What we do..

  • Bespoke PHP, C# & Javascript
  • Custom module development
  • Build advanced business workflows
  • Integrate with 3rd party software systems

The beauty of open source software is that if it doesn't quite do what you want it to, then, the chances are, you can change it, improve it and extend it so that it does.

Sugar Bespoke Customisation

SugarUK have the experience to create totally bespoke web-based interfaces for Sugar. This allows your staff, customers and associates to have company-defined access to your Sugar data via a company branded portal. This can also integrate with your existing company web presence, whether this be a website or e-commerce site.

Sugar Module Development

Over the last few years we have developed a number of custom modules for our clients to enable them to maximise the effectiveness of their CRM. The development of the Module Builder, enables us to bring you custom modules at even more affordable prices.

Sugar Automation

Sugar Professional and Enterprise Editions contain an excellent workflow module which facilitates the creation of records and alerts dependent on criteria set by the system administrator.

Sugar Community Edition does not include the work-flow module. However, at SugarUK, we can create work-flows using stored procedures, triggers and logic hooks to achieve the same results.

Sugar Integration

Many of our customers have expressed the need to integrate their CRM with an existing application. Whether you require live data exchange, or a periodic update of information between multiple systems, we can help.

Sugar Development Overview

With over 60 combined years experience in customising Sugar, our UK team of Sugar PHP developers is capable of doing all modifications to the software code needed to satisfy your requirements. We can rename fields and modules, add logics, modify the software workflow to suit your needs and adapt the software to your routines. We can create complex integrations to other software or data sources in order to make all relevant information from several systems aggregate into Sugar in a business intelligence mindset.

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