SugarCRM How-To - Create a Web To Lead Form

Sugar gives the ability to create a form for use on the Internet which will automatically create and populate a record within the CRM.

This is particularly useful not only for New Enquiry Forms, but for use at trade shows and events, where having the ability to automatically record the details of the people who visit your stand directly within the CRM system without the need to copy and paste or manually enter information after the event increases the efficiency and productivity of your workforce.

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SugarCRM How-To - Create a dynamic Twitter hyperlink in a record which links to a person or company's Twitter page

Due to Twitter's recent retirement of their Authentication API, a number of software systems, Sugar included, are no longer able to utilise the connectivity to Twitter for integration with other systems.

If you are wanting to be able to store information about a person's Twitter name and link to their Twitter Stream, then this is still possible, by using a dynamic URL field within Sugar as follows:

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SugarCRM How-To - Update Calculated Fields on Multiple Records

Have you created a calculated field on a module and want to update the field on multiple records quickly?

A calculated field will only operate when the record is edited in some way. At a first glance, therefore, it seems that the only way to get the records to update their calculated fields is to Edit and Save the record away. However, it is possible to update all calculated fields on selected records within a module in one hit.

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SugarCRM How-To - Bring the latest calendar date from a related module into a Record

Have you ever wanted to be see, or report on, the latest expected close date of any related Opportunity directly on the Account module? Or how about seeing the date of the latest meeting you held with a customer, regardless of what other items are in the history panel?

Both the above scenarios, and more, are possible using calculated fields, all creatable by you, the user, with no need for logic hooks or back end code.

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SugarCRM How-To - Add the Assigned User to a Campaign Email Template

If you have ever tried to create a Campaign email which signs off automatically from the User who the recipient is assigned to within Sugar, you will have found that this is not possible by default.

This can be a little frustrating, especially when this feature IS available if creating a workflow alert email.

The following article will detail how to get this information onto your Campaign email templates.

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SugarCRM How-To - Create a Google Map IFrame inside SugarCRM

Have you ever thought that it would be useful to see where your lead is located, geographically, inside a Sugar record? Here’s how to create a Google Maps iFrame within Sugar.

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SugarCRM How-To - Find and Download the Sugar Office Plug-ins

Users of licensed editions of Sugar automatically qualify, as part of the End User Licence Agreement, for the Sugar Microsoft Office plug-ins.

These are true "User" licensed plug-ins. If you have a laptop and a PC, you can download and install the plug-on on both machines under the same User licence (unlike device licensed software, such as Microsoft Office, which needs a licence for every device it is loaded on). Whilst some companies restrict access to these to protect company data from potential unauthorised extraction, those users with the ability to download and use them can find them from within the Sugar system itself, without having to worry about remembering different web addresses or network drives.

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SugarCRM How-To - Make SugarCRM B2C

In its standard "out of the box" format, SugarCRM is configured to act as a B2B (Business to Business) system. Most organisations who use SugarCRM use it in that manner. However, more and more organisations are starting to look to SugarCRM as a cost-effective, scalable, customisable CRM system for their B2C (Business to Client) activities.
If you've wondered how to make this change, then this is the blog for you.

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SugarCRM How-To - Set up a Bounce Handler

In order to send Campaign emails out, you will need to have at least one Bounce Handler configured.

Read on to find out how to set it up

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SugarCRM How-To - Prevent errors when trying to enable Email Archive in SugarCRM Admin section

Email Archiving is a very handy service that came out with Sugar 6.3 that makes archiving email into your Sugar instance as easy as forwarding them to special email address unique to your instance. However, sometimes there are errors received when your administrators try to initially enable it.

This blog post explains the steps to take to ensure it is not your Sugar instance itself causing the issue

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