SugarCRM Definitions

Within SugarCRM there are a number of terms which often cause confusion. Hopefully the list below will allow users of SugarCRM to quickly understand these terms.

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SugarCRM How-To - Use Keyboard Shortcuts in SugarCRM

Have you ever wished that there were quick ways of doing some of your common tasks in SugarCRM without having to use the mouse?
For example, would you like to be able to Edit a record without having to click the "Edit button", thus keeping your hands on the keyboard?

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SugarCRM 6.5 RC - First Views

SugarCRM Inc. has today launched the Release Candidate version of the latest evolution of their SugarCRM platform, SugarCRM 6.5RC.

We have got the first screen shots of what it looks like and can tell you what's different since 6.4

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SugarCRM How-To - Set up an automatic Signature in the SugarCRM Email Client

If you are using the Email Client within SugarCRM, you may want to create an automatic signature which will append to each email you compose.

This blog shows you how to achieve this in simple steps

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SugarCRM How-To - Create a calculated field to count the number of days between two dates

One of the questions I was asked most as a result of my previous post SugarCRM How-To - Create a calculated field to count days until a date was "How can I calculate the number of days between two date fields?"

As a result, here is the answer:

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Information Lookup Resources

When your new sales leads come in, how do you qualify how valuable a prospect they are?

Do you simply rely on what you are told in emails or telephone conversations with the individual and believe their self-promoting hype about how they own the company, hold the purse strings and how their company is a multi-million pound global company? Or do you do a little detective work and find out that they are actually the cleaner for a local start-up?

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Movember Update - World of Cow lends support

Bill Greenhead "Stik" (@Stiktoonz), creator of the World of Cow cartoons has drawn a cowtoon, especially for our Movember efforts.

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How a CRM helps beat cancer

EnableIT Technologies, 7th Movember, 2011

Throughout the month of Movember, sales team members Joe Bushnell and Mike Gee will be joining millions of men world wide who are growing a Charity Related Moustache as part of the Movember movement.

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Is Customer Retention an excuse for bad Customer Service?

If you are thinking about leaving, you may be in for more than you bargained for when they try to keep your custom, as a current Salesforce customer recently found out.

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Trick or Tweet - A Hallowe'en Social Special

Social media is not just about advertising who you are and what you do. Neither is it about telling people, complete with photographic evidence, what you ate for lunch (as some Twitter users seems to try to convince otherwise).

It's about engaging with your contacts (whether they be friends, customers, prospective customers, vendors, suppliers etc.) in another manner. In the same way that Email revolutionised communication back in the 80s and 90s, so Social Media and Social Networking is giving us yet another way of reaching our audience, whether using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or any other of the myriad of Social paltforms.

But how often do you try to make what you do on those stand out from the crowd? Or are you just adding to the "noise" with postings like "I've just got on the bus - I hope it gets me to work on time"?

This time of year gives you the chance to practice for one of the biggest seasons of the year in the social networking calendar.

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