SugarCRM How-To - Create a calculated field to count days until a date

Since version 6.2, Licensed editions of SugarCRM (Professional, Corporate, Enterprise and Ultimate) now give the option to create Calculated Fields.

This post shows how to create a calculated field which will give a countdown of the number of days until a date stored in another field.

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SugarCRM Tip of the Day - Official SugarCRM Office Plug-ins

If you are using one of the licensed editions of SugarCRM (Professional, Corporate, Enterprise or Ultimate) you automatically receive the SugarCRM Office integration plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel.

In order to use these, you will need to download them and install them on the computer that you use for that particular program.

If you have not yet installed the plug-ins, have recently acquired a new computer or have upgraded your Microsoft Office to a more recent version, you will need to install the correct plug-in in order to take advantage of the features.

See the instructions below on how to find and download the plug-ins

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SugarCRM Claims Top CRM Awards

SugarCRM came away from the 10th Annual CRM Magazine's CRM Market Leaders' Awards with four awards:

  • Winner - Open Source CRM.
  • Leader - Midmarket Suite CRM.
  • Leader - Small-Business Suite CRM.
  • One to Watch - Sales Force Automation.

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Social Business Roadshow comes to London

The Social Business Roadshow, sponsored by IBM and SugarCRM and hosted by EnableIT, will be held at the IBM Forum on London's Southbank on November 2nd 2011.

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