SugarCRM How-To - Use Keyboard Shortcuts in SugarCRM

Have you ever wished that there were quick ways of doing some of your common tasks in SugarCRM without having to use the mouse?
For example, would you like to be able to Edit a record without having to click the "Edit button", thus keeping your hands on the keyboard?

SugarCRM has these functions already in place from (as far as we know, until we're informed otherwise) version 6 of all licensed versions of Sugar.

To make use of these shortcuts, you simply need to be in the correct part of the SugarCRM system and know the shortcut keystrokes, so here is the list.

From within the detailview of a record:
Alt + I
= edIt
Alt + U = dUplicate
Alt + D = Delete

From within the editview of a record:
Alt + A
= sAve
Alt + L = canceL

From within the Search area of a module:
Alt + 7
= first input on Edit form
Alt + 8 = Advanced Search Link
Alt + 9 = First Search Form input
Alt + 0 = Unified (Global) Search Input

By using these keystrokes, you keep your hands in place on the keyboard and thus speed up your use of SugarCRM making it even more efficient in helping you get your job done.

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